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Get a Reaction: Bullseye Reactive Glasses

Glass fusing with different types of glass - getting a reaction

360 Fusion Glass Blog: Pot melts pot melt pots by  bonnydoonfusedglasstools.com

Reflections of a fused glass artist about glass art and fused glass jewelry, the creation of it and how to best display it

Instructions for mica-coated frit

Fused glass candle shield 2016 has been a difficult year for the art glass industry, as glass manufacturers have been under scrutiny b.

Bullseye Quick Tips: Reactive Glass! - it´s like effetre ivory and turquoise and silver

Bullseye Quick Tips: Reactive Glass!

I love reactive glass. French vanilla and turquoise or silver or any other copper bearing glass…and then there’s Reactive Cloud and Ice. Well Bullseye has a great Qui…

Scott was inspired by some of our roses, and set out to see if he could make something with flowing fused glass that looked like a flower. I think he succeeded. :)

Foster's Beauties: Notes From the Glass Studio: Making Glass Flow patterned bars free tutorial

Bonny Doon bubble pot melt molds

maker of stainless steel glass fusing forms, bottomless molds, pattern bar formers and pot melt pots.