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Chun un estudio de pintura eligió esta imagen la protección de derechos de autor, no se puede ver la imagen.

Original works: [dry goods] Chun brother manufacturing: human body structure painting prescription series (two)


I start off with the upper lid shape, then add a curve of the lower lid and from there just add details, like so:

Как рисовать мангу — Мужское тело

Aprender a dibujar personajes de anime. It was awesome of drawing, I would like to learn like that. They are only drawing and use - GD

ANATOMY FOR COMICS by AbdonJRomero on deviantART

PRISMACOLOR/PAPER This composite head show the similarity and also the differences between male and female heads.


For reference: draw intense Eyes they say emotion is in the eyes. which is true. however the eyebrows are a big part of the eye. they carry a lot of emotion as well.

Head perspective this is just neat

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a quick tuto. well this is just my way to draw hope you find it useful (?aka random guy (c) _________________________________ tools: Wacom L and Photoshop CS >>&.