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Plans pour confectionner des meubles pour jardin avec des palettes

With a plan to make a base with wheels from a pallet. Comment fabriquer un banc en bois

this sculpture/art thing/mass produced yard decor available at the rich people's shopping hut is in a front garden on berkeley street, north of dundas, in cabbagetown.  a similar one with pink glass that i shot a few years ago is in the same neighbourhood, on salisbury avenue.  this shows the bulk of the piece, and a detail is available in the next shot.

Glass, Rebar & Rust (this is similar to one I saw at Harlow's Gardens & Nursery here in Tucson. It had red glass & was also beautiful!) maybe punch cups

bottle art awesome

Different form of a wine bottle tree. Great blue accents for garden or as a dividing wall around a patio or deck. The sunlight shining through would be spectacular! All we need is a glass of wine to enjoy the beautiful setting!

An old window frame with some junk shutters to create a focal point in the garden

25+ Creative Ideas For Garden Fences

Old window frame with shutters on a fence.love this idea, also you could do some kind of cool little scene inside the window painted on the fence?

hate losing a teapot. love these little things but now there's another use for the cracked pot. use it to house your birds I n summer time and in the winter, you can clean it out and use it as a bird feeder as well

best friends bunnies

Everything you need to know about rabbits

"I drank all your vodka and filled the bottle back up with water."

23 Extremely Cute Bunnies Hiding Terrible Secrets

How to make a pot man

How To Make Clay Pot Flower People

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How to Stain an {UGLY} Oak Banister Dark

How to Stain an {UGLY} Oak Banister Dark - All Things Thrifty Home Accessories and Decor. I am totally going to do this!