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Priscilla and Elvis  ♡♡

Priscilla Wagner married Elvis Presley in a dress she reportedly designed herself.

Elvis Presley - elvis-presley Photo  Did you know Elvis's natural hair color was blonde. He dyed it black.

Elvis Presley - elvis-presley Photo / Elvis wearing blonde wig, playing twin cousin Jody in ''Kissin

1958: On August 14th, Elvis Presley's beloved mother Gladys died at the age of 46. She is buried on August 16th, the date on which Elvis will die 19 years later.

on August Elvis Presley's beloved Mother- Gladys Presley died at the age of old. She was buried on August the Date on which Elvis Presley died 19 years later.


Priscilla in plaid! Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley. This picture was taken, when Elvis was leaving Germany(Army). Priscilla is 14 yrs old here.


Acts as. I think this might just be my all time favorite picture of my Beloved. It is so revealing in it's simplicity. Just simply Elvis.