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A number of fighter jets have been deployed in Syria as part of Russia’s ongoing aerial campaign against the Islamic State terrorist group, Russian media reported on Monday.

Scaled Composites Model 401 Check Out Scaled Composites' New Exotic And Stealthy Test Aircraft - The Drive

A pair of the aircraft is destined for a undisclosed customer but the design sure looks a lot like a General Atomics' Avenger unmanned aircraft.

Ashes Over England by BrianSamms on deviantART   Okay, this looks cool, but what the heck is going on? There were no American P-40s in the Battle of Britain.

Brian Samms / Lock & Load Graphic Design Spent about 16 hours on this one over the last few days. Original canvas was at 300 dpi. I may upload some close-ups depending on dem.

Pilot ejection - http://zionstrumpet.com/2011/01/20/pilot-ejecting-from-fighter-jet/

Awesome picture of a stunt-pilot ejecting from a Sukhoi prototype. ps: The pilot did fly without canopy, but the ejection was on the ground. The image is from "Mirror Wars: Reflection One"

Sukhoi SU-37 Terminator. PAK-FA

PAK-FA -- NOTE >>> thre seems to be an error and the fore-ground aircraft has been indicated as It should have been as the 37 has canards


de Havilland Mosquito, quite possibly the most versatile war-bird ever flown. One of the few wooden-constructed aircraft of WWII