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Paris cimetière du Père Lachaise 6

Le Pere Lachaise, Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Entrée du Père Lachaise - Paris...climbed these steps

Entrée du Père Lachaise - 'the city of the dead' - Paris, France

The Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris, in existence since 1804, has become a "must" on the tourists' itinerary. They come in busloads or indiv...

World-famous cemetery at Pere Lachaise in Paris Part 1 (Le .

Claude Izner The Pere-Lachaise Mystery: A Victor Legris Mystery [Kindle Edition] Paris 1890. Lady’s maid Denise le Louarn fears the worst when her mistress, Odette de Valois, vanishes from the Père-Lachaise cemetery during a visit to her husband’s grave.All alone in the great metropolis Denise knows just one person she can go to for help: Odette’s former lover, Victor Legris, When the frightened girl turns up at his bookshop  and tells him her story,

The Pere-Lachaise Mystery: The Second Victor Legris Mystery - A Victor Legris Mystery v.

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le pere lachaise cemetery, Paris France

le pere lachaise cemetery, Paris France

Pere-Lachaise cemetary, Paris    Looks a lot like New Orleans...

Cobblestone Path in autumn - Pere LaChaise Cemetery, Paris, France

Paris Square Samuel de Champlain, avenue Gambetta le long du Père Lachaise 12

Samuel De Champlain, Le Pere Lachaise, Squares

Jardin Naturel: 120 Rue de la Réunion   Au Nouveau Nez: 52 rue de Bagnolet, 75020

Directly adjoining the Père-Lachaise, the Jardin Naturel shares the cemetery’s tranquil ambience, with none of the morbidity.

Oscar Wilde, (1854 to 1900) was laid to rest in the prestigious Paris cemetery, Pere Lachaise

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Kiss Oscar Wilde's grave at Pere Lachaise