Vampire Diaries Season 1

The Vampire Diaries Elena,Stefan & I forgot the teacher's name soo. already pinned this before but oh well xD

Michael Trevino x Candice Accola - Tyler Lockwood x Caroline Forbes ~ Forwood

Tyler and Caroline- this scene was so sad :( Tyler made his choice, it was the wrong choice for him, but then again Tyler shouldnt be angry at Caroline for sleeping with Klaus because that was her choice just as his was to seek revenge over her.

so im totally a delena shipper but idk something about these two is just great

Stefan and Elena - Stelena! The Vampire Diaries. Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev.

"Yes." <3 {by Paria}

A Sweet Proposal (Fantasy) ~ Elena Gilbert ~ Stefan Salvatore ~ The Vampire Diaries

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Bonnie gets her power back and saves damon #witchysback 6.03

I love that Bonnie saves Damon in in when Kai goes to grab Bonnie, Damon threatens him! They have the love/hate relationship down pat!

The Vampire Diaries

The vampire diaries "if Caroline Forbes were here we both would be laughing"💟 Caroline Forbes= Vampire Barbie