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Micro photographs of snowflakes - Andrew Osokin www.facebook.com/GetFreeCellPhoneService

Micro photographs of snowflakes - Andrew Osokin. Try to tell me God is not everywhere or that He doesn’t exist.

Nature Knows: Amazing macro-photography of individual snowflakes [10 Pictures] - (Photographer Alexey Kljatov)

Russian based photographer Alexey Kljatov takes us on an incredible magical journey to discover the true beauty and uniqueness of every snowflakes.Capturing individual snowflakes on a glass surface or woollen fabrics and then lighting them by an.

1080x1920 Wallpaper snowflake, winter, macro, ice

~~The way a crow shook down on me, the dust of snow from a hemlock tree, has given my heart a change of mood, And saved some part of a day I had rued~Robert Frost ~~Snowdrift by the fence, Crystal.

Copo de nieve, tan perfecto que parece hecho por la mano humana

snowflake that looks like it was constructed by human hands. how can anyone be an atheist


¿Cómo se forman los copos de nieve? [Llevate un wallpaper]

Beautiful ..... snowflakes..... by Lynette Henderson.....

Beautiful- No two snowflakes are alike. Each is an individual. Now no one can tell that isn't one of the most beautiful thing God has created!


Snowflakes are gorgeous. Only wish I could see them up close like this when they fall. "Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov has created an ingenious and inexpensive DIY camera rig capable of capturing excellent close-up pictures of snowflakes.



A flower within a snowflake

Disappointed you didn't get a white Christmas? Here's a chance to take a VERY close look at snow

snowflake microscopic - Bing Images

These intricate, one-of-a-kind ice crystals form when precipitation falls through varying levels of humidity and temperatures in the air.

snowflakes emotions - Google Search

Snowflakes start out as six water molecules that freeze into a crystal, which catches water vapor from the air and eventually forms into tiny hexagons called diamond dust - Joe Hanson, It's Okay to be Smart

You Won't Believe These Shots Of Snowflakes Were Taken With An Ordinary Cam

You Won’t Believe These Shots Of Snowflakes Were Taken With An Ordinary Cam

You won't believe these shots of snowflake were taken with an ordinary cam