I want these tattooed on my body right now!!

Made another ‘Fight like a Mahou Shoujo’ piece; a Sailor Moon one this time featuring Chibiusa’s wand. Bottom picture (without all the trimmings) has a transparent background. Oh and in lieu of events.

Finished my final set of wand requests! Although I... - Sugar Coated Unicorns

Chocolat’s Wand - Sugar Sugar Rune by Sugar Coated Unicorns

Sailor Moon cetro

Sailor Moon: Sugar Coated Unicorns Unique LGBTQ wands and scepters- Gay pride Sailor Neptune wand

Sailor Mars Transformation Wand

As requested I edited my other Sailor Moon wands to make Sailor Venus’ and Sailor Saturn’s wand.

Princess power

Haven’t made any Sailor Moon wands in a while and I had a request to make a bi pride magical girl wand (without any yellow) so here’s Sailor Moon’s ‘Cutie Moon Rod’ in the pink/purple/blue colourway.

Estoy trabajando en otro dibujo pero conseguimos un poco aburrido ... - Sugar Coated Unicornios

I’m working on another drawing but got a bit bored after a while, the solution? Make more Sailor Moon wands/items like my Chibiusa piece (and re-make the Card-Captor Sakura one).

Sailor moon transformation

Sailor moon transformation