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Retour en arrière sur L'une des pires catastrophes dans le monde https://t.co/uJeGXz5B50 via @via_ouest

In this 1937 photo, the passenger-carrying airship Hindenburg is seen at the moment of exploding midair in Lakehurst, New Jersey. The disaster claimed the lives of 36 and marked the end of the era of passenger-carrying airships.

Ilkley Moor, West Yorkshire, England                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Ilkley Moor, West Yorkshire, England More

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The powerful crash and churn of Lake Michigan waves against the lighthouse at St Joseph, Michigan, USA

Mitchell Falls,Western Australia. visit http://www.reservationresources.com/

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Fandoms together! Fandoms forever! Fandoms united! (the chant of our people).

I am a gamer, trainer, Animeniac, and a bookworm. You mess with one fandom, you mess with them all!

Audrey Hepburn spent many years in Africa helping the helpless. Yet all the pictures on Pinterest show her as a fashion icon. Fashion passes in a wink, compassion lasts forever.  You can follow me: https://www.pinterest.com/SA_Recovery

The destructive myth about religion that Americans disproportionately believe

Help others. "As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other is for helping others." - Audrey Hepburn The true beauty of Audrey Hephurn~

The power & Beauty of the Rogie Falls, Scotland

The power & Beauty of the Rogie Falls, Scotland

23+ Viral Photos That Will Give You A Spring in Your Step This Spring Day

23+ Viral Photos That Will Give You A Spring in Your Step This Spring Day

Lower Mesa Falls, Caribou-Targhee National Forest, Idaho www.facebook.com/loveswish

Lower Mesa Falls is a m) waterfall on the Henrys Fork in Fremont County, Idaho. It is located in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest on the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway. There is also an Upper Mesa Falls just up the road

Had me fooled, but its not real, its a miniature diorama by an artist Lori Nix

A Tree grows in an Abandoned Library. The loss is staggering to me, It cries out, don't forget me. It sits here waiting to be reclaimed and revived one glorious day.

look at all these pictures.. it makes you want to know about every other thing that happens in this huge world..

56 of the most powerful Reuters photographs ever taken

William Olas Bee, a U. Marine from the Marine Expeditionary Unit, has a close call after Taliban fighters opened fire near Garmser in Helmand Province of Afghanistan May in this 2008 file photo.