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True, lucky lobsters!

It is all about how you view things. The sinking of the Titanic was really a miracle for all those lobsters in the kitchen.

Living together is  a commitment so say I Do before moving in.

Living together is a commitment so say I Do before moving in.

Yes please! :D

Yup, although I'm not big on Chinese food, but something else quick, yeah

I heard two girls in a bathroom talking about how LOTR chronologically precedes The Hobbit. *twitch*

Not specific to teen thought.


Haha now that I'm older my mom tells me: how did I not know you were this funny?" OR "when did you become so funny?" Thanks mom I have always been hilarious.

Haha I need to stop

Teenager Post - That awkward moment when you realize there's not even a chance, because you just noticed the minus symbol. == Mine have like chance.

Haha! Change 'school' to 'work' and this is sad but so true.

So true but at work not school. If I was in a quiet classroom I would def go to sleep. Good thing I work with kids!

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Solution: do it at three am where you won't remember doing it in the morning!

Hahaha!  Is that too much to ask?

Lol so true: Rules for Texting a Girl: Use good grammar Ask questions Use smiley faces Don't take 40 minutes to reply Torres yess

even if i had a refrigerator made of glass

even if i had a refrigerator made of glass. Love is an open door


That instant feeling of horror

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Teenager Post - I hate the phrase "Life is Short," because life is literally the longest thing that any of us will ever experience.

SO. FREAKING. TRUE. Half the time I'd do anything for my sister and I play with her and stuff, and the other half her presence irritates me.

very true right now with my sister I'm like ill help you hide the body with my brother I'm like don't even breathe in my direction!

yup, that's completely me

yep, my smart mouth will totally be the downfall.

Yeah and then my friend thinks I don’t know what it means

Teenager Post # 5599 That awkward moment when you know something but you don't know how to explain it.