Frank Rudolph Paul was a sci fi pulp cover illustrator, who worked successfully during the He was the first person to ever pa.

Ed Valigursky, And Then the Town Took Off by Richard Wilson 1960. Earth, can you spare a city?

scificovers: “This is also a ridiculous cover. Ace Double And Then The Town Took Off by Richard Wilson, Cover artist unknown.

fintinthings:  Cybermen

cool behind the scenes doctor who vintage set photography , cyberman on a smoke break , funny real life surreal photo for scifi geeks, big bang lovers and dr. who fans

1953 ... simulated space life!

✨From Deco to Atom✨Simulated space life in Collier’s Magazine, 1953 via James Vaughan

Perry Rhodan

Ed Emshwiller - Cover Art for "Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine" Published April 1955


Planet Stories, July 1952 - Cover by Allen Anderson - (JPEG Image, 1421 × 2048 pixels)

concept suit.  Looks silly now.

That's one heck of a concept design. It looks like a retro, futuristic, robot suit for the space business man. I see Mad Men in outer space!