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Daily Horoscope Lion- True

this is actually so true about me!although, I can relate to the other signs posted by friends.

Very true!

What you need to know about Leo women. For more zodiac fun facts, but I don't like to spend money.maybe I'm on the cusp.

Haha this is completely true. My husband gets mad at me all the time about this

Doesn't even just mean massive life decisions, it could just be a or another hat or that pair of trainer live with a leo!

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We are not gold diggers, if we were they would be in another world! If you call one of us a gold digger we will act like a pride and take down our little bull

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a typical leo doesn't mind having that outgoing personality with friends. when they are home however, they can become unusually quiet and solitary, unwelcoming of any disturbance | See more about leo, zodiac and homes.

I used to hate people knowing I was a Leo; then it seemed they expected me to be all outgoing. But I'm an / so it seemed ridiculous. Truth IS, I AM outgoing - but with a select few, people I trust and like. THIS IS SO TRUE

And then it's a massacre. シ

Leo are not intentionally hurtful to anyone, in fact they keep quiet about a lot, it's only when they are attacked that will become that vicious lion