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Lived this way for many years and did not even know it was a Templars oath and creed. you don't have to be a Templar to live by that oath. a good way to look at things.


Wagon troops, crossbow men, and all the other equipment and tactics settled states used to fight steppe empires/tribal confederations on their frontiers.

Wales and the Crusades

Wales and the Crusades by Kathryn Hurlock is a unique and refreshing study of a hitherto unexplored area of Welsh history; a time in which a series of events occurring thousands of miles beyond Wales’s borders ultimately led to its own eventual conquer in

First Crusade- Capture of Jerusalem by the Christian crusaders

First Crusade- Capture of Jerusalem by the Christian crusaders

Lake Peipus 1242 - Dannish and German Crusaders building fortications in Koporye in 1241 Osprey Publishing

Danish and German Crusaders building fortifications at the existing Vod tribal settlement of Koporye

Templarios : Escudo Caballeros Templarios

Marto Templar Knights Shield for sale is made to honor the medieval Order of the Knight Templar.

Crusader escort Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land, 12th-13th centuries"

"Crusader escort Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land, centuries", Angus McBride

Fight for our beliefs!

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Northern Crusades

Northern Crusades

Otro intento más tarde ese año, el 4 de Sept en la batalla de Puente de Linlithgow , falló otra vez para aliviar el rey de las garras de Angus.

The Battle of Wakefield took place in Sandal Magna near Wakefield, in West Yorkshire in Northern England, on 30 December It was a major battle of the Wars of the Roses. The Duke of York was killed and his army was destroyed.