Boss Level- Julio Cesar

Artist Turns Photos Of Random People Into Fun Illustrations (By Julio Cesar) art cool awesome artist drawings illustrations illusions

OH, look. Maya actually looks happy, better take a picture, it wont last long.

Here’s a sketch of Babs who I’m beginning to like more and more. I’ve got a lot of practicing to get done so I’m just sketching atm. Everything is already starting to come back to me :) TΛB; Babs © Caleb Thomas<<<ITS SO GOOD


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“Finished this & lass I wanted to try drawing her with tattoos. I want her finger tattoos lol ⚜✨…”

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she was found next to a garbage singing safe and sound. shes cheerful and if shit hits the fan she is still happy even tho inside shes dieing slowly. she wants a home of love and happiness

Galaxy hair and skull dress drawing.going to make her hair black and the tips red👌