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The most bad thing that ever happens to me

You killed me last night, I dragged myself through the floor crying as if I were still with you

I dont wanna do this anymore, i dont wanna be the reason why. Everytime i walk out of door i see him dying little more inside

I never really believed people when they told me how bad it was to have your heart broken until one day it was me so don't you ever say you never killed anyone cause that night you killed me

....these words are perfect

I feel broken inside and I just can't believe I'll ever feel any differently. I don't know how to heal myself. I try but just when I think I'm getting somewhere, it disappears like sand through my fin (She Is Beauty Quotes)


One day you'll realise that there is only one person who can make your life better, only one person who can make you feel like the whole world is not against and there's only person who can make you say ''the cup is half full'' . and that person is YOU.

Ernest Hemingway makes me love poetry so much. I still miss you Uncle Shane.


so much truth. but loving someone is not about keeping track of all the rights and wrongs. eventually everyone has to make a choice as to whether or not to walk away or stay. regardless, love & live without regret or keeping score.

You never stopped waiting for him, did you?

You never stopped waiting for him, did you? "You're STILL waiting for him?" She asked, shocked, rolling her eyes at me.

no mascara but i curled up into a child like ball to cry the pain away  M >>> it wasn't over a breakup or anything, but I have done this. Many times.

But yet you keep the person who killed you in your life You let a bad man & bad relationships change your family & your family relationship. Stop letting him kill you over & over again

I was there. Always almost. NOW I can say never again. You can too. Don't settle for "almost". #crazystupidlove #theluckyonesblog

I was there. Always almost. NOW I can say never again. You can too. Don’t settle for “almost”.

Its a horrible curse and I keep searching for the cure. Deep down I know this is what it will always be. I wonder how long I can survive it till I cant.