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Lana Chainspeaker Telouw

Lana Chainspeaker Telouw

Nut! Would you stop chewing my ear-growls and pushes her away- What?! I'm only playing you fur ball. Isn't that what puppies do?

chibi commission for wonderful guys ---- characters [c] GlowingHatter art [c] me chibi_com_GlowingHatter

Running by Hlaorith.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I found it lying in my files and realized it could be an awesome explore picture for Eila and Sonia. Both handlers on their favorite partners out for a good run.

hey stranger or may i call you my own by azzai on DeviantArt

ENG personal art with my OC Azzai and Kaoru ans as you know Azzai is my alter-ego / me and Kaoru is some kind 'my feelings', also the person irl i hide . hey stranger or may i call you my own

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Illustration - illustration - Highland Guard by Tatchit. illustration : – Picture : – Description Highland Guard by Tatchit -Read More –