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Mineko Iwasaki on a postcard | Japan JP-69774 by aurelijaju, via Flickr

Mineko Iwasaki (by aurelijaju) Look at the Kimono detail-the colors and isolated, encircled patterns.

Maiko Fumi with an Ichimatsu Ningyo doll, 1940

Geiko Tokiko and Friend 1920s  Geiko Tokiko (standing on the right) in costume for the Miyako Odori (Cherry Dance). Tokiko first appeared in the 1917 Miyako Odori programme as a maiko (apprentice geisha) and last appeared in the 1926 programme as a geiko (geisha). By 1928 a new maiko appeared under the name Tokiko.

Geiko Tokiko (right) fr Miyako Odori (Cherry dance, Tokiko appeared in th 1917 Miyako Odori program as maiko (apprentice geisha) & last appeared in 1926 as geiko (geisha). By 1928 a new maiko appeared under th name Tokiko

Maiko without oshiroi (white makeup). You can see mameharu ( now geiko) looking at the camera, Ichiwaka (now geiko) behind her, and the very top of Kyokas head right near mameharu.

kyoto / maiko / geisha / girls / japanese / women / escalator Maiko (geisha apprentices) wearing summer kimono (yukata) make their way to lunch at the Takashimaya department store, Kyoto, Japan. Facing the camera, the maiko Mameharu.

Kimono-san - Cultural Topic: Tayuu and Oiran

Kimono-san - Cultural Topic: Tayuu and Oiran Oiran and Tayuu were the highest class of courtesans. They were not Geisha, nor were Geisha Oiran or Tayuu. Geisha used to work along side Oiran and Tayuu.

Mineko Iwasaki - geiko

Famous Kyoto Gion Kobu Geiko Iwasaki Mineko, ca. when she was still a maiko. She is the authoress of the book, "Geisha, A Life".

Maiko 舞妓 ~~ For more:  - ✯ http://www.pinterest.com/PinFantasy/moda-~-elegancia-oriental-oriental-elegance/

Maiko Seeing the Maiko's dance at a Shrine in Kyoto was the highlight of the Setsubun celebrations.

Portrait of four Geisha, ca. 1900-1930.

Maiko (Apprentice Geisha) Tamiko, standing on the far right of the picture. This small tourist photograph is from the estate of an Italian Naval landing troop soldier, purchased during a voyage to the Far East with the Italian Royal Navy between 1937 and