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12 apps that simplify college life

12 apps that simplify college life. wish I knew this before my last semester. Pin now read in 7 semesters

SponsorChange connects skill-based volunteers to non-profits and helps to reward their service with student loan payment raised from sponsors; helping those who give back, pay back. Link to service: http://sponsorchange.org/.

// Coming out of vet school, graduates are sure to have many student loans. Fear no more, because Sponsor Change will help you pay off your student loans in exchange for volunteer work.

My Weekly Budget - MyWB

My Weekly Budget® (MyWB) can help you keep more money in your pocket. Save money with this real-time budgeting app! MyWB allows you focus on a budget target for the current week and helps you focus on your day to day spending. Developed by Weekly Budget

We got all of our stuff here somehow, but now we've got to get it back home. Here are some tips that will help you get everything back home!

How To Move In Like A Boss

How to Move in to Your Dorm Like a Boss by Ana Buling (George Washington University) This is the best advice you'll ever get on packing for college - trust me, after four years of this, I'm a pro. - ABSOLUTELY AMAZING PACKING TIPS

My ultimate holy grail for freshman year! Get a syllabus of all classes, sit down, and make a excel file of all the due dates of all classes combined for the semester!

Organized Charm: How to Create a Semester Assignment Spreadsheet This is perfect! This keeps me on track EVERY semester.

totally would do this in college                                                                                                                                                     More

Accredited Online College Degree

Dorm Room Shopping Dos And Don'ts. @tgsullivan22 read this!

Do's and Don'ts of Dorm Room Shopping - meant for the parents but has some good tips for the kids too

How to organize your college binder! Useful tips to get through the semester

How to organize your college binder! Useful tips to get through the semester. If I ever get to law school

how to stay organized via @Jodi Wissing Wissing Wissing Wissing Wissing Wissing Grundig plus I see a familiar designer too! @Erin B B B B B B condren

Getting Organized For the Whole School Year

Personal Organization: Getting Organized for the Whole School Year. This is my personal biggest struggle of the school year b