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Natalie Shau

Secret Bloom by Natalie Shau - Dark and romantic, there is no denying the fact that Secret Bloom by Natalie Shau, an illustrator based in Vilnius, Lithuania, is an art series tha.

Natalie Shau

What do Horse Slaughter, Pisces and Foie Gras Have in Common?

Lithuania-based mixed media artist Natalie Shau combines her expertise in photography and illustration to produce wildly surreal portraits.

In disguise - Natalie Shau is mixed media artist and photographer of Russian and Kazakhstan descent based in Lithuania (Vilnius). She found interest in fashion and portrait photography as well as digital illustration and photo manipulation.

Photo Manipulation by Natalie Shau


SELENOTROPIC [noun & adjective] growth in response to moonlight; stimulated by moonlight. Etymology: from Greek selēnē (moon) + -tropism (indicating a tendency to turn or develop in response to a.


Bob Byerley A Study in White

Artist Bob Byerley Unframed Children's Print A Study in White