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lovely meeting ya ✨✌️ last tattoo of the week, hellooo nuit blanche

Tattoo Inspiration : Photo

dreams of loneliness : Photo

(tattoo on we heart it)

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Jonny Chronnic

i got my mind full of unsaid things.

Shaka sign tattoo on the left inner forearm.

Shaka sign tattoo on the left inner forearm. Tattoo artist: OK

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PANTS OFF (They All Hate Us)

I love pinky-holding 💕


artwork for the body // tattoo // ink // art // design // skin // line // minimal // simple


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Pinterest : lostspacechild Instagram: lavendermistrust

Small fingers crossed tattoo

Small fingers crossed tattoo

Great tattoo, i would love to have the same

The rock hands and placement

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Tatuajes con Amigos

There’s no greater friend than a sister. There’s no greater friend than a sister and there’s no superior sister than you. In cases like this, each friend produces a tattoo of three flying birds on their wrist. These friends are …

tatouage croix fleurie

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tiny cross tattoo

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tiny cross tattoo im thinking about getting my "B" tattoo on my right ring finger like this

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16 Simple Pretty Cross Designs Images - Simple Cross Tattoo Designs, Feminine Cross Tattoos and Simple Cross Designs