Butcher Billy 01

Los superhéroes del post punk

Post-Punk and New Wave Rock Stars Reimagined as Comic Book Superheroes From the Marvel Universe

New Illustrations by Evgeny Parfenov | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

New Illustrations by Evgeny Parfenov

"Mako Mori", (from Film: 'Pacific Rim'), for TSS, Illustration Portrait by Evgeny Parfenov (b.

John Hughes' "The Reckless Club" Project by Butcher Billy. Morrissey as the Athlete

John Hughes' The Reckless Club, The Cast of 'The Breakfast Club' Reimagined With Rock Stars

Jyn-Erso by laksanardie

Jyn-Erso by laksanardie

Evgeny Parfenov_09

Evgeny Parfenov via @pristinaorg

President Barack Obama by Evgeny Parfenov african-american president digital celebrity portrait illustration}