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Gothic Cool

Hello there, ladies of black. Such a pleasure to see you here. My name is Evelynn and I would like to share some amazingly pretty goth pictures with you.

glorious victorian gothic macabre headdress for halloween ball or truly spooky alternative wedding crown Day of the Dead Skull and Rose headdress / HysteriaMachine Etsy

Zhang Jingna is an artist from Beijing, currently living and working in New York.

Epic fine-art photography by Zhang Jingna

Zhang Jingna Walks Us Through a Personal Project from Idea to Realization Motherland Chronicles 49 2 Zhang Jingna Walks Us Through a Personal Project, from Idea to Realization

Amethyst, Darkness, Lilacs, Indigo, Gothic, Goth, Lilac Bushes, Amethysts, Syringa Vulgaris

Fantasy Leather crown Dark Queen by Aetherwerk on Etsy

Fantasy Leather crown "Dark Queen"

Fantasy Leather crown Dark Queen by Aetherwerk on Etsy. Looks like the queen from Snow White and the Huntsman

Inspiration for shoot

Wherever Ekaterina Belinskaya found a backdrop like this one, I know not. But of the medieval stocks, the stone church, the crumbling prison and rope-bound

〰️〰️ b y  t h e  s e a 〰️〰️

Just because you’re shooting at the beach doesn’t signify that you’re only restricted to the beach! Typically, you’re not likely to be the only one on the beach whenever you’re shooting. You’re likely to the beach.

Victorian Gothica

Victorian Gothica