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Bicycle Boy in Japan – Une jolie série de peintures aquarelles par Mateusz (image)

Bicycle Boy in Japan – Une jolie série de peintures aquarelles par Mateusz (image)

ion series : This project started as something I did just for fun in my free time. Inspired by the animated Studio Ghibli movie "Whisper of the Heart" I did the first watercolour illustration which quickly spread through the

Watercolor Illustrations Of A ‘Bicycle Boy’ Inspired By Studio Ghibli - DesignTAXI.com

Bicycle Boy Watercolour Illustrations Inspired by Studio Ghibli – Fubiz Media

부는 바람에 연분홍 꽃잎이 하나둘 떨어지며 연둣빛 새 잎과 노랗고 붉은 봄꽃이 산들거리는 모습과 작은 나비와 산새들이 활기차게 오가는 풍경. 하얀 창문을 열고 그 안을 바라보고 있노라면 우리 집에 마치 봄을 그린 커다란 그림 액자가 걸려 있는 것만 같습니다. A scene of pink flower petals falling down one by one with the wind, green leaves and spring flowers with yellow and red petals rustling, and small butterflies and mountain birds flying around. When I open the white window and look at this scene, it"s just like a huge picture frame of spring scenery is hung on the wall of our house.

봄 그림 액자 (Spring picture frame) by 애뽈 on

Bicycle Boy começou como um projeto divertido para o ilustrador Mateusz Urbanowicz. Ele se sentiu inspirado pelo trabalho de animação do Studio Ghibli no filme Whisper of the Heart e resolveu arriscar algumas aquarelas. Parece que a primeira ilustração desse projeto repercutiu tão bem online que ele resolveu criar essa série com 10 imagens que contam a história de um garoto andando de bicicleta, fazendo de tudo para atingir seu objetivo no final do dia.

Bicycle Boy do Mateusz Urbanowicz via @pristinaorg

Illustrator creates beautiful “Bicycle Boy” watercolour series inspired by Studio Ghibli (Oona McGee, RocketNews 18 October

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We worked with Thomas Cook magazine on an article about a blueprint for the wettest, wildest water park in history. We packed our virtual swimsuit and sunscreen then set about creating this series of illustrations.