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1937 Carte de la Lune,  Astronomie, Illustration Vintage, Topographie, Cratères, Mers , Plaines lunaires, Sciences, Ciel

1937 Antique print, NOT A COPY, from a french encyclopedia about Astronomy and others worlds. The reverse side is white. Size of the page: apprx 24 x .

Mapping the Heavens in 1693, from the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection.

Mapping the Heavens in from the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection.

Transparent Celestial Star Globe - SensoryEdge

Transparent Celestial Star Globe

Transparent Celestial Star Globe by American Educational Products - This would make a great addition to the classroom or home, and will help children understand their relationship to the universe, seasons, latitude/longitude in a globe format.

18th century North African astrolabe

A disassembled pocket Astrolabe / Volvelle. The disks were highly valuable and could be upgraded.

1937 Carte de la lune Observatoire de Donville par sofrenchvintage

1937 Antique Moon Map, Lunar landscape, view of the moon, Astronomy Vintage illustration

Bilderbuch für Kinder, Moon Map, 18th century

bilderbuch für kinder (picture book for children), moon map, century

Celestial sphere - Jost Burg i- Mechanised Celestial Globe 1594

Jost Burgi-Mechanised Celestial Globe The mechanical celestial globe made 1594 in Kassel by en:Joost Bürgi, clockmaker from Switzerland. Now at Schweizerisches Landesmuseum in Zurich.

astrolabe part (photo)

Date Maker Ḍiyā’ ad-Dīn Muḥammad Place Lahore Material Brass Inventory no.

Astronomie. Alte Lithographie. General von der Mond-Karte. Rückseite (Fotos 3,4 und 5) Phasen des Mondes. Von L.Rudaux. Jahre-30.Dez ist

Original antique print taken from the "Encyclopédie Larousse", Paris, France. Pretty thick paper, not too glossy. The reverse side is printed. Page size is apprx