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Her favorite- Princess Ariel My favorite- Princess Jasmine of course:)                                                                                                                                                      More

Belle, Jasmine and Ariel were my favorites! I didn't care for Cinderella as much, I was too scared to watch Snow White because of the evil witch and I found Sleeping Beauty not as exciting>>>> but i love all things disney

I love all of the Disney princess movies. This is wonderful.

Disney Princesses

favorite disney princesses in order: jasmine, ariel, rapunzel, mulan, belle

Out of all of them you don't use Rapunzel's crown. Rapunzel's crown beats all other crowns its freaking awesome.

Disney princesses>>These new designs are absolutely f***ing disgusting. They're degrading to the spirits and personalities of the original princesses, and females alike.>>I can't even with these new princesses. Especially Pocahontas and Mulan

I love this, it is so cute.  But Anastasia is not Disney.  I know you all like to tell me I'm wrong....I'm not.  Secondly Pocahontas is a Disney Princess not a Disney Heroine.  One could argue that the Native Americans didn't have princesses, but she would have been the equivalent.  Also she is considered a Disney Princess by Disney.

Disney heroines as Sailor Moon characters…

Funny pictures about Disney heroines as Sailor Moon characters. Oh, and cool pics about Disney heroines as Sailor Moon characters. Also, Disney heroines as Sailor Moon characters.

The Alphabet According To Disney (With some Tim Burton in there, just go through you off. )

Can You Tell If These Disney Song Lyrics Are Real Or Fake?

I am a Princess.<3 right down to the shoes ive had since 4th grade :)

Wisdom from Disney

I am a Princess. I love hearing this on disney channel, I want my daughter to always have this mindset.