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* the boy from my dream * je t'daire * kyle carl junquera *&+ he is peace *&* i am love * together we are infinity * 8 broken, into, faith, made, into, dreams, awakening, in the sunlight, crying, for, him *&+*&* bc, i am his adore * ♥♡♥ * his embrace, is, my heart * ♡ * +

I love kissing. And I just adore black and white kiss photos. Now I am no fool, I know the images below are just fabrications of romantic i.

Mine? Yours.

““Every time I see you I realize how worthless my life would be without you in it.

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every little thing she does is magic. He has been taught all his life to hate magic. And now, even though the girl has saved life life countless of times using her powers. He still hates her, with his every being


An independent soul battling her inner hopeless romantic. This is where I post things that have touched my heart, caught my eye, or have caused my mind to wander.

You. Me. And that unbreakable PASSION that comes so naturally with us. Give us a second world,...well maybe more. We need a moment.

Jimmie Rodgers - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine A song and singer i grew up with since my parents liked him.


His strong, large hands keeps her close as her delicate small ones go over his shoulders. Slow dancing to the song, long after everyone left their home.

Norman Rockwell, 1973.

Norman Rockwell, 1973.

#18. "(>^ω^<)(>^ω^<)(>^ω^<)(>^ω^<)(>^ω^<)(>^ω^<)(>^ω^<)(>^ω^<)(>^ω^<)(>^ω^<)(>^ω^<)(>^ω^<)(>^ω^<)(>^ω^<)(>^ω^<)(>^ω^<)" I've let you in. .

Anna Razumovskaya

Love Story by Anna Razumovskaya - Ballet / Ballerina / Балерина / Dance / Danza / Danse - I would love this pose in my engagement shoot.when the time comes :)

Street Fashion Illustration - Agata Wierzbicka

Street Fashion Illustration - Agata Wierzbicka

Over your shoulder, 2016, Darren Thompson.

Over your shoulder, 2016, Darren Thompson.


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