One Tree Hill - To Wish Impossible Things

James Lafferty (Nathan Scott) , Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer-Scott) , & Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James-Scott) - One Tree Hill

ONE TREE HILL - Julian and Brooke:

ONE TREE HILL - Julian and Brooke:

"He's going to have the best uncle. I had a good teacher" -- Lucas during season 4.

One Tree Hill Lucas and Jamie☺️ Keith would have been proud!

These remind me of the shoes that are given to Alli (Christina Aguilera) in the movie-Berlesque. They aren't the exact shoes, but still!! SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!

Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis-Baker) & Ashley Rickards (Samantha Walker) - One Tree Hill

Stressful moment in OTH history! My god I couldn't eat shower think I was so stressed that what if it's not Peyton I wouldn't have watched if Lucas still didn't realize they are meant to be together I mean it was high time

most annoying thing to ever happen! seriously everyone was sooooo epically pissed off . Thank gawd it was peyton

Luke, I´ll get those CD´s later. ONE TREE HILL. when Brooke breaks up with Lucas again