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Ravenclaw, a t-shirt by Barbadifuoco at

I need to turn this into a poster for my room.

Proud to be a Ravenclaw! one or two of my friends hate me for constantly correcting them on things. mostly grammar and movie quotes

Картинки по запросу hogwarts is here

Missing rule: Magical and/or other experiments are to be performed in the lab,not the common room.<<<<<<Headcannon that the Ravenclaw common room has several smaller rooms for science , art, etc

Ravenclaw en un dibujo

Ravenclaw by ejbeachy on deviantART (I LOVE THIS) -I find this great because on pottermore I was placed into Ravenclaw and this is literally how you can find me sitting most of the time. Just on a couch, not a chair, lol. <<literally every ravenclaw girl

Ravenclaw * I'm attracted to almost all of these things... That explains a lot*

Ravenclaw * I'm attracted to almost all of these things. That explains a lot* I'm a raven claw/ Slytherin and I like pretty much all of these

Ravenclaw Ghost: Grey Lady

Ravenclaw: The Ghost. Pottermore Sorting: Sorting Hat Analysis and Meta

Dark Ravenclaw Aesthetic

Harry Potter aesthetic // House: Ravenclaw // Book Night / The Witch's Shield

My house

Ravenclaw Pride Like with the Hufflepuff quote, Im aware this was said to Harry, a Gryffindor, (and yes, I removed his name from the quote) but Ravenclaws are known to be very imaginative so I felt the quote suited them well!