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Dalek writing on a chalkboard.

The Final Countdown: Exterminate! Exterminate! and Exterminate!

From Fashionably Geek - Bart Dalekson Exterminates His Way Through Springfield Elementary

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"What is that?"  " You are better at dying."

dontalreadyknow: “ doctor who meme: two quotes what is that? you are better at dying ”

I love this idea. I think Bill is thinking to make it easy to order sheet cake from Costco but they only write on it so maybe we can add our own decor on top. Ill think of something.

Adorable and tasty Dalek cupcakes to celebrate the Doctor Who premiere! // the baker upstairs www.I want these for my birthday!

I want one of these for real. Who's with me?

oooo I wonder if they actuallty make a dalek- shaped tankard. all sorts of awesomeness would prevail