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25+ Viral Photos That Need to be Seen to be Believed


Funny pictures about Awkward 'pretend not to look' look. Oh, and cool pics about Awkward 'pretend not to look' look. Also, Awkward 'pretend not to look' look photos.

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Moses Malone by the numbers: a truly unique talent

Pelton: By the numbers, Moses Malone was a truly unique talent

Three-time NBA MVP Moses Malone dies at age 60 Get the best tips on how to increase your vertical jump here:

Change!    It is so simple yet so difficult for people to actually do. We all piss and moan about how we are mistreated and misunderstood. We all have it so rough, but nobody want to actually put in the work to find something that makes them happy, or at lease less hateful.

seemed like a paid advertisement for Big Pharma. “A New Front on Heart Disease: Stain drugs can cut cardiac and stroke risks in people with normal cholesterol levels, researchers.

According to the Mirror Universe Theory, everything has a double, preferably in a Mirror Universe where people are evil and sport a menacing goatee. Hadolf Itler is an exception to the evil rule, as he's the Mirror Universe double of Adolf Hitler.  edit Itler's Youth Hadolf was born in northern Austria in 1889. Since he was born in the Mirror Universe, Hadolf Itler had a difficult childhood; since he was of pure German descent, he was persecuted by the leading Jewish class, whose...

Hadolf Itler

German World War 2 Colour Adolf Hitler SA Parade In Nurnberg Reichsparteitag 1938

Valentino Rossi spent 2011 trying to get to grips with the Ducati

Valentino Rossi looking a bit dusty, picture probably taken after a race

Most people knew of Bobby Fischer as a great World Champion. But not many realized that he was also very charismatic, funny, and charming. He are old videos of Bobby on the legendary Bob Hope & Dick Cavett shows which were taped live.

teenagebillofrights: “ Bobby Fischer was just when he defeated American chess master Donald Byrne in marking the beginning of an extraordinary but difficult chess career.

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funny caption why haven't you ever seen a lamborghini commercial because the people who can affford them aren't sitting around watching tv

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SFI - Strong Future International The most amazing and magnificent SFI Strong Future International is an online opportunity that has been around for 18 years,

dnews-files-2013-02-football-ban-for-kids-debated-in-new-york-130212-600x433a-picture-jpg.jpg 660×433 pixels

Product Name: Chastep Practice Foam Football Material: Polyurethane ( Safe and Soft, durable ) Inch Function: Perfect for Kids playing

True love withstands anything. This is a very powerful picture that I wanted to share.    Taylor Morris, a Cedar Falls native and a Navy officer, survives a blast in Afghanistan. The 23-year-old known in town as a tough wrestler and a gifted soccer player, lost his right leg at the knee, his left leg at mid thigh, his right arm at the wrist and his left arm at the elbow.  Truly an amazing woman who has stuck by him through everything.

Incredible video of quadruple amputee Navy bomb specialist dancing cheek-to-cheek with girlfriend at friend's wedding