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Luke and Ashton.... 5SOS is kinda my obsession right now. :)

) Luke Hemmings & Ashton Irwin 5 Seconds Of Summer posted Mikey a lot so Lashton :)

oh my god, i lost daniel

Mikey on stage at the Nickelodeon kids choice awards and their performance was awesome

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I was laughing the whole time not to mention whn I remembered ashton in target oh gosh im giggling like a cow on drugs<<<< This FAM thou


Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, & Luke Hemmings Luke photobombed a Malum Moment. WAIT OR DID Mikey interrupt a Cake moment :O ;

I'm finding this picture very attractive:3

Luke just looks ashamed Calum looks like he doesn't give a flying acorns that he got in trouble then Michael looks like he's just Looking at Ashton waiting for him to Shut Up. And apparently Ashton didn't get the dress code memo.

they genuinely look really scared

Just imagine them and mikey and cal running from your dad and out of your house because they weren't supposed to be there in the first place and when your dad came home he went to say hi to you in your room and he sees them climbing out of your window!