Forest Witch vol.2  WIP by telthona

Forest Witch WIP by telthona Featured on Cyrail: Inspiring artworks that make your day better

Maehwa by Magdalena Pagowska

maehwa by len-yan female dark elf drow tiefling dryad druid sorceress witch staff plum blossom clothes clothing fashion player character npc made a commission for @esteroth of her paladin Neyadis!

commission for of her paladin Neyadis! (requested armor/pose from this piece by Jay Choi)

lunarofferings: “

now this is how feathers in your hair is supposed to look like, i hate how thats the latest trend right now. No one knows how to do it right (Silk has many feathers in her hair, gifts from her friends, showing their bond)

Под кронами деревьев

Audacious Accomplishment ideas - Clarice 1 by Zephyri on DeviantArt

The Black Hat Society

The women who expelled me stood in formation, ready for their final ritual, the sacrifice of the corrupt swamp witch.

ilya-ozornin-aleyna.jpg (1920×2716)

ilya-ozornin-aleyna.jpg (1920×2716)

"Earth Witch" Photographer: Emily Nicole Teague Photography Model: Kelli Kickham Makeup: Mckenzie Gregg MUA Headdress: Miss G Designs Horns: Faust & Company Lighting Assistant: Christina Schellhous

20228879_1589104051160584_5647306866161358999_n.png (640×960)

“Daughter Of The Universe” Modelling by >>>> Theresa Theresa Nubiamancy currently has a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of creating short films based on content posted on our page.

The healer of the forest

Elegant and even a bit intimidating feeling makeup design! I love the feather hair accessory, and leather arm wrap