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Love the skin your in

Peep that the white girl is doing it herself and looks somewhat happy, and the Black girl looks peacefully angry and there is a white hand applying the white makeup. just a thought

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He hates the fact that my daughters dad bought them bikinis but he knows he can't say anything.

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I love tall girl appreciation. Can we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down?

Rihanna has no butt but she's beyond beautiful ---story of my life trying to get the booty for bae doe

She had a small butt.but I've seen girls who's asses look inverted so.Rihanna had an's a cutie patootie booty

I will never understand the inane fascination with this person

Does Taylor Swift Hate Other Women?

Funny pictures about Taylor Swift's New Song. Oh, and cool pics about Taylor Swift's New Song. Also, Taylor Swift's New Song.