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The beautiful Amur or Siberian tiger Today only 450 in Wildlife.

My favorite animal ever: a tiger. The beautiful Amur or Siberian tiger is the largest sub-species of tiger and is primarily found in south-eastern Russia and northern China. In the it was close to extinction. Today only 450 in Wildlife.

siberian tiger photo:  siberian-tiger-baby.jpg

Beautiful picture of White Bengal Tiger Cub - just look those adorable blush coloured tips!

2 siberian tigers by Jutta Kirchner.  "So I got out my camera and decided to take some pictures. But at the moment I took the photos it looked like they were dancing. One of them rose up on his hind legs and the other one did the same. Their paws met and it looked like they were dancing ballroom style."


Shall We Dance? Two Siberian tigers playing in the snow at Vienna's Tiergarten Schoenbrunn zoo. Photographer Jutta Kirchner let's dance and a 1 2 3 4

A few days ago, the Wildlife Conservation Society released a report that shows the last remaining population of Siberian Tigers has declined significantly, due to poaching and habitat loss. The 12 year average showed a 40% decline.    In the late 40's only 30 of these magnificent cats were known, and the population had recovered to 500 animals by 2005. However, in the past 4 years a trend of declining tigers has been noticed.

The Siberian Tiger is the largest cat to ever walk the face of the earth.

Siberian Tiger (020) - high spirits by *Sikaris on deviantART

Amur Tiger) running through snow camera & lens: Nikon AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor Siberian Tiger - high spirits

Imagine a world where they no longer exist?? That would be incredibly sad. The Siberian Tiger Reflections

Another black and white shot today. :-) This time its a siberian tiger, drinking some water. And causing some nice reflections of itself in the water.

Siberian tiger by Erik Berthelsen. Even though he is well fed, laying down and behind bars - this look is still chilling.

Tiger Eyes ~I've got the eye of a tiger, fighter dancing through the fire.a cherished moment, to see through her eyes to hear what your heart of hearts was telling me.