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Persian Doogh, made with yogurt, club soda and mint.

Doogh (Persian Yogurt and Mint Drink)

Refreshing and delicious, Doogh is a traditional Persian drink made with yogurt, seasoned with mint and can be made with water or club soda.

Mast-o Khiar (Persian Yogurt with Cucumbers)

Mast-o Khiar (Persian Yogurt with Cucumbers)

You will find yogurt with cucumbers in almost every middle-eastern culture. This version is Persian, Maast-o Khiar, made with dill and mint.

Lightly carbonated sour yogurt drink. -aka Ayran and Doogh Very popular in northern (non-Arab) middle-east.

Doogh is a popular yoghurt based quencher and is usually drank with Kebab and rice during summer time. Traditionally in Iran, butter i.

Doogh Recept (Perzisch Yoghurt Drink)

If you're familiar with Persian food, you might have already tasted doogh, which is the traditional yogurt (or curdled milk) drink that accompanies Iranian dishes.Unlike Indian sweet lassi, the taste of this yogurt drink is unique

Persian Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

Persian Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

Persian Potato Pancakes (Kookoo) Kookoo are wonderful as a side dish but can stand on their own as a tasty snack, dipped in a cucumber yogurt sauce.

Cucumber Doogh: Afghan Yogurt Drink My friend always says I must try it, so I'll experiment soon! haha

Cucumber doogh: afghan yogurt drink

Doogh, or dough, is a refreshing, savory, salted yogurt drink from Afghanistan blended with cucumber and mint.

Iranian Sweet and Sour Mint and Cucumber Cooler (Sekanjabin)

Sekanjabin (Persian Mint & Cucumber Cooler)

Persian Mint and Cucumber Cooler - Sekanjabin is a Persian sweet & sour mint syrup used to dip crisp lettuce leaves in, or mixed with water & cucumbers to make a great drink.