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For more of the greatest collection of #Nebula in the Universe...  For more of the greatest collection of #Nebula in the Universe visit http://ift.tt/20imGKa  nebula nebulae nasa space astronomy horsehead nebula http://ift.tt/1TfcRdB

This image from Nasa's Spitzer Space Telescope shows a stellar nursery containing thousand of young stars & developing protostars near the sword of the constellation Orion. I heart the Spitzer space telescope.

Collection of summer fruits

Collection of summer fruits Photos Overhead shot of a collection of different summer fruits. by foodphotolove


Light breaks from behind Mount Rainier and shines down on a sea of clouds - - [OC] landscape Nature Photos

Esslinger Tor Panorama

Esslinger Tor Panorama by arkanumtenebraefotografie