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Jacek Yerka - has built my kinda cubby house

Art by Jacek Yerka You never read enough.only by educationwe can become a better world.

Adelaide Claxton

Adelaide Claxton Wonderland,Girl is reading Grimm's Goblins, with Arabian Nights and Lancashire Witches in her stack.Adelaide also collaborated as illustrator for various London magazines notably the London Society Illustrated Times.

David Wyatt, from the Local Characters series (not from a published book), The Word Witch, pen, ink, watercolour

OMNILEGENT [adjective] reading or having read everything. Etymology: from Latin omnis (all) + legere (to read).

pracht banden

Vintage Book Collection: Late century children's books in the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford


Pinzellades al món: Il·lustracions de Katarzyna Oronska: llibres, lectors, biblioteques i llibreries Más

you get it... even if you can't translate

James Gurney shared this poster he did for New York is Book Country with Blown Covers. I can't find it on his sites, alas. Man, I want a flying book.