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Thirteen year old Olympic synchronized diving finalist Jordan Pisey Windle was adopted from Cambodia by his two gay dads. Jordan, who trains 8-9 hours a day, 6 days a week, is the youngest ever to qualify for the U.S. Olympic diving trials.    Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that gays are terrible parents.

The youngest ever person to qualify for the U. Olympic diving trials, Jordan Pisey Windle will serve as grand marshal of central Indiana's pride festival.

Final animation reel for my ani 51b class at San Jose State University        Music in the personality walk background: "Tu solo Tu" - Selena

Final animation reel for my ani class at San Jose State University Music in the personality walk background: "Tu solo Tu" - Selena

Super cool algae lamp that is environmentally friendly will hopefully replace street lamps in the near future

This Micro-Algae Lamp Absorbs 150-200 Times More CO2 than a Tree! (Video)

VIDEO: French biochemist Pierre Calleja has invented an algae lamp that absorbs in the air at the rate of 1 ton per year, which is what a tree absorbs over its lifetime

Respect yourself and others will follow suit. Most people will not treat you any better than you treat yourself. -Leon Brown

Five new quotes a day to keep your negative thoughts at bay. Check out our collection of original quotes about life. These quotes will cheer you up!

Two gay dads from Sydney have been recognised legally as parents for child conceived through surrogacy

Gay dads have become the first same-sex couple in New South Wales, Australia to be recognized as joint parents on a surrogate-born child's birth certificate

Behind Photographs Tim Mantoani Incredible... | THE KHOOLL

Steve McCurry holds his 1984 photo of a young woman from Peshawar, Pakistan. "I looked for this girl for 17 years and finally found her in Her name is Sharbat Gula." Photo: Tim Mantoani -famous photographers pose with their most iconic images

anatomy of anxiety. It amazes me how the itty bitty amygdala can cause such chaos to the human body. Triggers during recovery (in this case, infidelity) have been compared to the triggers for PTSD. Ignoring it and keeping silent is not healthy or am effective way to process the pain. Get help, it takes more courage to get help than to be silent and suffer. You CAN do it...YOU are worth it.

Stress is a major downer!

Anatomy of anxiety, including goings-on in both the body and brain. Like most powerful states, anxiety is a total mind-body experience!

Lead Paint

good use of contrasting subjects and metaphor. the use of space in the picture connotes the feeling of vulnerability.

30 day ab challenge

Well-Girl's 30 Day Ab Challenge June 2013 Great demo pics here! I think I'm actually going to do this this time!

¿Cómo sería Thriller de Michael Jackson en música criolla?

¿Cómo sería Thriller de Michael Jackson en música criolla?

Love the watercolor and the saying. (From Imperfectly Perfect FB Page)

is the art of drawing without an eraser! So true! And we draw with our words, our vibrations, our thoughts and our beliefs. We can't erase. But at any time, we can begin a new drawing!

Lydia Netzer: 15 Ways to Stay Married for 15 Years

best advice i've ever read on staying married: 15 ways to stay married for 15 years by Lydia Netzer (who is madly in love with her husband)

You've Been Framed: Pinterest Party

This is really adorable! easy crafts & homemade gifts Bathroom decor For kids bathroom! Bathroom decorating ideas great for a small bathroom.