S4E3 - Spotlight Challenge: When Hell Freezes Over - Eric F & Wayne

wish the animatronics had worked! Spotlight Challenge Gallery When Hell Freezes Over

Face Off Alice in Wonderland challenge

Face Off "Alice in Zombieland" Spotlight Challenge- Laura and her zombie Mad Hatter.

Horror Art

Horror Art

Face Off – Season 6, Episode 14 – Cry Wolf - Create a werewolf character to complement the vampires from the last challenge. Rashaad: Jiangshi. Finalist

Season Episode 14 - Spotlight Challenge: " Cry Wolf" - The artists must create werewolf rivals of the vampires they created in the previous episode. close-up of Rashaad's werewolf

Spotlight Challenge 6: Bugging Out - Eric Z. - Mosquito

Congratulations something that creeps even me out. Mosquito costume & prosthetic makeup designed by the SyFy "Face Off" season 4 contestant Eric Z.

Week 9: Mortal Sins Challenge - Laura Tyler

7 Amazing Make-Ups From Season 5 of SyFy's Face Off

Spotlight Challenge: Mother Earth Goddess | Gallery | Face Off | Syfy, by Miranda. Photo credit: Brett-Patrick Jenkins

Syfy Face Off Season 5 Episode 5 - Mother Earth Goddess Spotlight Challenge - Miranda