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While I find this photo feels too noisy, I really like the concept.

Line, positive/negative space | architecture pattern | surface pattern design

I think this photo is very cool because it looks like someone used photoshop to just reflect the image when in reality it is clear shadows from the "roof" at the top

//Henri Cartier-Bresson// Roma 1959.... IFTTT Tumblr

““To take photographs means to recognize - simultaneously and within a fraction of a second - both the fact itself and the rigorous organization of visually perceived forms that give a meaning.

Imagen insertada

While I find this photo feels too noisy, I really like the concept.

ph. Piergiorgio Branzi. Napoli, 1953

Piergiorgio Branzi - Napoli, 1953 - Vintage Black and White Photography

Rui Palha

Rui Palha

Work At Home, Urban Photography, Home Jobs, Urban Art, Fashion Jewellery, Street Art, City Photography

Henri Cartier Bresson.

Henri Cartier Bresson.

Guess Ill Sit Right Here  #streetphotography #street #photography

Guess Ill Sit Right Here #streetphotography #street #photography

Black and White Rock n Roll Prints Vintage Prints Aimes Chairs

Black Bedroom Ideas, Inspiration For Master Bedroom Designs

COOL idea for black and white pics: lsu stadium, lsu tiger, mississippi river bridge, louisiana flag, baton rouge sign, pic of swamps, stumps etc. things ryan likes or appreciates and put on that plain wall in the "hall" .....

65 plus Photo Gallery Wall Layout Ideas

Gallery Wall black and white photography - see lots of handy DIY tips on how to hang photo gallery wall pictures and how to find the right layout for various sized frames.

The Pin Junkie: Gallery Wall - oh the places you'll go gallery wall - paper template for picture wall

Gallery Wall

The Pin Junkie: Gallery Wall -"Oh, the places you'll go" - perfect for a travel gallery! (How about changeable photo frames, so you can switch out and store all those great memories in one place?

8 day old newborn baby | Des Moines, Iowa photographer, Darcy Milder | His & Hers


So Carson’s dad is a mechanic, and I just absolutely love how they chose a father-son name that is a nod to dad while keeping his name his own. What a sweet gesture! Carson’s gallery ha…

73771baf2c9b3e40956b0e2732c58604.jpg 1,199×1,338 pixels

73771baf2c9b3e40956b0e2732c58604.jpg 1,199×1,338 pixels