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Optimus feels Mikey's pain - Freakin Michael Bay!  D=<  You made my favorite turtle cry!

Extraterrestrial Tortoises

At least "The Last Knight" was his last TF movie. Now we just gotta wait out TMNT.

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80s Autobots Transformers

80s Autobots Transformers

Inside the Ark

mechcanuck: “ Pictured is Optimus Prime demanding answers from Sunstreaker about how the hell Ironhide is sitting like that.

Autobots by emanz on deviantART,Jazz,Arcee,Bumblebee,Hound,Brawn,Gears,Grimlock,Ultra Magnus,and Optimus Prime.Now guess who's who.

in DreamWave style colors colab with Bong pencils by colors by me TRANSFORMERS Autobots

#Transformers (2011) #47 #IDW Release Date: 11/18/2015

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