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Dynasty reptiles ball python

Dynasty reptiles ball python

An egret in an almost mythical Icarus posture...

Icarus - Snowy egret hunting for food. They'll shake their feet or run in different directions to stir up prey.

abronia graminea

abronia graminea

Greater Bird of Paradise, found in the lowland and hill forests of southwest New Guinea and Aru Islands, Indonesia

Greater Bird of Paradise, found in the lowland and hill forests of southwest New Guinea and Aru Islands, Indonesia Wow! Looks like a fall Phoenix!

puffin' along - no wonder they're known as the comediennes of birds!

Mazzy: "Look at that baby penguin!" Me: "It looks like a penguin but it's actually a bird called a Puffin." Mazzy: "A puffin bird?" Me: "Yep.

Scarlet Ibis from South America

Scarlet Ibis, a beautiful bird from South America and islands of the Caribbean.much prettier than the black and white australian ibis birds.


Lilac breasted roller bird, unbelievable colors that have been brought together to make this beautiful little bird.

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#denbylovesblue  Gorgeous Hyacinth Macaws. These are amazing birds! But they are large in both size and cost! Unfortunately, they are currently endangered.

Blue Hyacinth Macaws --- I was briefly obsessed with these birds in middle school. Turns out, from pet-sitting for a friend, that I'm so not a bird person! Regardless, they're gorgeous!


pathodel: (via Eagle On Ice Photograph by James Geddes - Eagle On Ice Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale."Eagle on Ice" ~ Photo by James .

Spectacular Bee-eater

Animal Life on

The European bee-eater (Merops apiaster) is a near passerine bird in the bee-eater family Meropidae. It breeds in southern Europe and in parts of north Africa.

Love Bird Violet Fischer

Love Bird Violet Fischer

This lovebird is a violet fischer. No one seems to know exactly why we see so few purple birds, but some scientists believe it is because the color purple is the last color on the color spectrum!

Lol, it's the drunk annoying cousin again ruining the shot for the other two..

[snuggle birds] Splendid fairy wrens - Photo by Hideaway Denmark

Tiki bird is a yellow Canary like this one-sings his head off!

yellow canary I love to hear a canary sing the alone problem is they have to be alone. No bird should be in a cage alone.