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Altair vs Eagle

Time for some silly drawings. I wanted to try Disney style this time. This is my AC character - The 'Ra' Eagle. The Ra Eagle

"And they've been best friends ever since." "Leap of Faith" by LilayM on DeviantArt.com.

Altair is like a big child - he can't loose, really. Too bad he's got tools to manage to achieve that xD Me and ~garnet-lynx are fooling with poor Alty here. I know it's shitty comic but I draw the.

Altair X Malik Comic (Coloured) ~ Jealous? by Butterfingas on DeviantArt

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Haytham is taken down by farm animals. "AC3 dump 1 (contains minor spoilers)" by doubleleaf on DeviantArt.com.

dump 1 (contains minor spoilers) by *doubleleaf on deviantART [[HAYTHAM THO]]

Assassins creed. Which assassin is the best? I honestly thing Edward Kenway is the best because he is so bad ass, he decided to be a pirate, and an assassin, and he still manages both just fine! TRY AND TOP THAT!!

Assassins Creed Games and their respective symbols. I love the revelations design and want to get a tattoo of it:)

Assassin Legacy - we are one, but we are all.

assassin's creed fan art A little sad story.may be about love or friendship,well,that's up to you Otherworld

Altaïr and Ezio must be proud. Not Connor, I hate him.

Altaïr and Ezio must be proud. Not Connor, I hate him.

watch [The Last of Us comic] by Ununununium on deviantART now I'm just all out sobbing

"you kept complaining about your broken watch."(by unbadger)


voodoo-mama: “ Toutes les cocardes sont à moi! Petit Arno from Assassin’s Creed Unity. In the game I have been looking for all the Cockades, just to unlock the turquoise and pink color scheme for the.

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Here’s my tribute for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Movie, that I’ve did for Century Fox Italy ! Can’t wait to see the movie in january!