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EXO have revealed the music video teaser for their much-anticipated winter track "Sing for You"!As previously reported, "Sing for You…

Probably me if this happend xD ~ EXO Macros Overdose

Probably me if this happend xD ~ EXO Macros Overdose No, not really lol, HELP!

 this is too funny

Hahahah but actually I don't think that Suho would ever leave Chanyeol and Lay together because of *cough* obvious reasons

Smooth one luhan it's not like kai hasn't already completely exposed himself as a sexy beast already

Smooth one luhan. Because no fangirl may see his nips and Luhan actually cares.

EXO we are one

I love kpop. This korean music group called EXO and they used to have twelve members, but one of the members left. However, I like their music and their outlook so much!

EXO-K and EXO-M release "MAMA" Music Video!

EXO K (korean) and EXO M (chinese) officially debut their first mini album called "MAMA". And I love every single song on this mini album!

Reações do EXO by ThaLee

Exo ♥ alright we get i the fact that y'all are beautiful and I could stare at you all day,but I.


Wow Chanyeol you know how to get Baekhyun into your heart. Baekhyun is so cute! Baekyeol is my favorite ship in Exo!

So true! That happened to me in my last geography lessons xD no one knew, why I laughed so much xDD