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Not sure how I feel about long hair on Zuko to be honest. He's still hot though! xo Marie

I don't even ship Zutara but this is so beautiful - Zutara Fanzine Bliss by Matereya on deviantART

Avatar: The Last Airbender I like this, but I am annoyed that two sections are incorrect (they use two different people instead of one person in different scenarios).

Cabbage-bending is best bending.

My cabbages! The Last Airbender is so awesome. Love this (i'm not a part of this fandom but i love this post so please dont judge it's just really good.

Don't Turn Back - Part 1 (Linzin) by FriendlyChestnut on DeviantArt

Why am I drawing a shippy LoK comic now? You DBZ fans are probably gonna rip my head off. Don't Turn Back - Part 1 (Linzin)

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Zutara I am not a Zutara shipper, but this pin really good anyway so whatever

Reunited by StrixMoonwing

DeviantArt: More Like The Legend of Korra Poster by

Katara is my favorite character, even through all the hardships she went through she was a strong, kind, caring, totally awesome person

katara is a true warrior. I relate to Katara a lot in having to take on a lot at a younger age that most never deal with. This is how I relate both too the song warrior and Katara.

"Avatar: The Last Airbender The Search" preview. AZULA IS BACK AND KICKING ASS ALREADY!!! So glad she's not acting crazy.

"Avatar: The Last Airbender" Is Searching For Answers

Community: "Avatar: The Last Airbender" Is Searching For Answers

lol plus toph and lin, the baby she magically...Earthbent? Earthbended?) into being

Avatar presents by ~Helkaril on deviantART. I don't ship maiko or kataang. or suka,,, but I just thought this was funny.<<<I ship Zutara… that’s all I care about

Comes Marching Home by ~festeringlilies

Mako voiced Iroh for books and sadly died of cancer. Mako in Legend of Korra is named after him.<<<I'M TEARBENDING