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Alex Honnold. AKA coolest guy ever. AKA also my secret crush

house-under-a-rock: Alex Honnold bouldering in the Ennedi Desert photo: Jimmy Chin

Training: finger strength... this one is a lil' irrelevant and novice cuz its coming from sports pros, not climb pros, but the fingertip pushups are an interesting new consideration....

Exercises for Strengthening Hands for Rock Climbing

Riding the crack

Mountain climber Sasha DiGiulian on a route in Waterval Boven, South Africa in July 2013

10 tips for overcoming a fear of lead climbing

For better or worse, this is a topic in climbing that never gets old. Here are our tips for overcoming a fear of lead climbing.

Is breathing something you think about while you are climbing?  When you are watching a friend from the ground do you shout "BREATHE!" as a form of encouragement?  Most climbers understand that breathing while climbing is important as it allows us to relax and flow through moves without getting a debilitating pump.  However, breathing techniques

Here's an article by Joshua Rucci, a Collegiate Strength and Conditioning coach in the Southeastern Conference, that describes how breathing can be used to create move strength and power.

Go Climb - Smith Rock is the sport climbing Mecca for the NW US!

it helps climbers around the world to share their passion, discover new spots and make new friends in an inspiring way

Why Do We Love Extreme Sports?

The Science Behind Why We Love Risk

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