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Beautiful ceramics by Shio Kusaka. love this, looks like my linework on ceramics

Shio Kusaka mark 2010 porcelain 7 x 5 x 5 inches Paratte Paratte Prevost & Poe

Allegra Lockstadt. i own this drawing. inspiring.

The ever-inspiring Allegra Lockstadt

Buy Some Damn Art - Lydia Hardwick

Lydia Hardwick is a ceramic artist. I'm loving the colors and the surface design of her work, as well as all of the random little bits that are mixed in.

maria kristofersson - clock - ceramic

ART HISTORY PROJECT - ART THROUGH TIME - Tis could be a really neat clay slab project if u found those inexpensive clock hands and per cut the holes for them. Even just abstract with a circle in the center to represent a clock face.

Lydia Hardwick

Lydia Hardwick

Newbie succulents getting planted for the last weekend of @renegadecraft.  This succulent is a haworthia type more commonly referred to as a "zebra plant." It's one of my faves.  The carving is also new.  Waves for the summer.

Carve - dip in cream glaze - wipe surface. This succulent is a haworthia more commonly referred to as a "zebra plant.

MOON CERAMIC™ - керамика. Мастерская в Минске

There isn't any way an individual can miss a premium quality pottery wheel from its collections

Ceramics by Chloe May Brown

Blue Colored Ceramics by Chloe May Brown

Makeup & Hair Ideas: Amazing blue and white handmade ceramic dishes. Ceramics by Chloe May Brown

blue ceramic plate

Lauren Bamford plate 07 from Mr Kitly via The Third Row. As seen on The Design Files.

M Williams_aspentotems  http://www.marywilliamsart.com

Mary Williams' wood whimsy - aspen totems/ interesting idea for clay - get a student to each make a component and glaze in a primary yrs

Lydia Hardwick’s abstract ceramics

Of It - Lydia Hardwick; porcelain, could be neat to have a mixed media gallery