Johanna, the kids already know how to use a bow and arrow, they don't need to know how to throw axes

i have nothing to say, nothing. i can't it's to much for me.

[[Dear Annie, I loved him too, alright? So I’m sure I will love the kid. If you ever feel like breaking, call me, I’m here to help.


Prim's death wasn't Gales fault. Just because he created it doesn't mean he knew it would kill herR. But it could have a better ending

Thank you for making me cry in front of my guests for this, this time bomb meant for my heart I hope your happy now!!

Aww man, here comes the tears. This explains why Peeta thought Katniss was a mutt. Cuz he thought she was killed. My heart hurts

People Katniss' first born was a boy! Watch the movies people

[[Dear little Rue, A week ago our first child was born. It’s baby girl.We named her Rue in your honor. I hope she turns out to be as brave and kind as you.

They all DIED!!!!!!!!spoiler alert to me I'm only in the middle of catching fire!!!!

Rue to Katniss, seriously crying right now. why do people write such sad and perfect things. :') but so happy cato and clove are married!

Finnick .....this really made me sad, Finnicks son writing a letter to his father...a letter that Finnick shall never receive...poor Annie and their son! so sad!!!!!!!!!

this really made me sad, Finnicks son writing a letter to his father.a letter that Finnick shall never receive.poor Annie and their son!

Buttercup and Katniss

[[Dear Katniss, I know that Prim died, and that hurts me the same way it hurts you. I hope that we can help each other cope with her absence. Am I that hard to kill, or are you being soft on me because of Prim?

Tribute letters

I know I don't normally pin hunger games pins, they are a great series but I am more occupied with DW. But this made me sad for fox face.

Please excuse me as I cry in the corner...

Cato was misunderstood. I think he loved clove. And hes labeled a villian but its not his fault he was born in a rich district or that he was a tribute in the hunger games. He(like every body else) was just trying to survive

Finnick ......

Letters from tributes (finnick) Spoiler if hadn't read mocking jaySo sad because Finnick dies in mocking Jay part 2