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A wolverine in the northern Rockies, USA [Photo: Jörn Friederich/Alamy]

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In Montana, a judge has halted wolverine trapping pending the outcome of a lawsuit that seeks to end the harvest of an animal that numbers fewer than 300 in the Northern Rockies.

wolverine cub  Photo and video credits: Skansen

For the first time in thirteen years, Skansen (aka the Stockholm Zoo) welcomed the pitter patter of little baby wolverine paws!


protections proposed Citing shrinking mountain snowpacks as a result of climate change, federal wildlife officials are proposing to list wolverines as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

Glutton and fox

Первозданная природа России

The wolverine is one of North America’s most formidable animal mountaineers. The largest member of the weasel family, the wolverine is stocky and muscular and looks like a small bear. It is perfectly equipped to live in snowy and mountainous regions with large five-towed paws that make it easy to move through deep snow and a thick, dark, oily fur that is resistant to frost.

The wolverine is one of North America’s most formidable animal mountaineers. Go to Discovery to learn more about the wolverine, featured in North America.

Mamma and baby wolverines film!

Mamma and baby wolverines

Wolverine. ooooo-they're a mean little bugger but very interesting

Wolverines are muscular carnivores that resemble bears, but are more closely related to weasels (family Mustelidae).


Of Lynx, Traps, And Lawsuits: The Rocky Road To Enlightened Wildlife Conservation

Arguably one of the toughest animals on Earth, the wolverine (Gulo gulo) may soon find itself protected under the U.'s Endangered Species Act (ESA) as climate change melts away its preferred habitat.